Day 11 & 12

We visited la Casa de la Mujer in Bellavista. The house originally belonged to Margarita Pisano, a writer, feminist and theorist who left the house to the organization after her death.

We also spoke with Cheryl Linett, a feminist performance artist who staged a protest in the balcony of Chilean Congress in Valparaíso.

We also had a great conversation with Antonella Estevez, director of FEMCINE. A film festival for women.

After our final interview we celebrated with Eliana Ortega — a subject who we spoke to early on in production. She was also one of Bernadita’s college professors. We have three generations of women professors involved in this project; Eliana who mentored Berni and then Berni who has mentored me, which I think is pretty great and is a methodological reflection of the values of our project.