Day of Departure! 8/3

We take off this evening from JFK, arriving in Santiago early tomorrow morning!

Bernadita left several days ahead of Evan and I to attend a conference in Argentina and then begin scheduling interviews for next week. She has already managed to score an interview with renowned author, scholar and professor of literature, Diamela Eltit. She is also a recipient of the National Prize for Literature.

Also scheduled are conversations with authors Nona Fernandez and Alia Trabuco as well as Eliana Ortega who lived in exile during the dictatorship and went on to become a professor of Latin American Literature at Mt. Holyoke. I interviewed Eliana for my undergraduate thesis documentary at Kenyon and am really looking forward to reconnecting with her.

I’m also preparing our documentary release form which we’ll have each subject sign before they appear on camera. Jami Peele and I spoke at length after the CIP grant was approved about the importance of the transparency of this document. As a documentary film, we are not subject to the same IRB restrictions as a project aimed at gathering data or other types of quantifiable research but we are still ethically bound to create an approach to our subjects, story and research that creates a healthy and sustainable filmmaker/artist relationship with our subjects.