Day 10

PHEW. We shot four interviews in four different locations. Lots of hauling our equipment around and a lot of focus to stay sharp all day long but it was an awesome day.

We began with a trip back to the National Archives where we spoke with Antonella Caiozzi, one of the Archivists in charge of El Archivo de la Mujer; an ongoing project that is fairly new to the archives aimed at preserving the history of feminism and the women’s movement throughout Chile’s history but also during the dictatorship. Antonella is a feminist and an activist as well as an archivist.

Next we drove to Bellavista, an artsy bar-filled district also home to one of Pablo Neruda’s fabulous houses, to visit Eliana Largo. A critic, author and feminist, she made a documentary in 2013 about the history of feminism in Chile called Calles Caminadas.

After Bellavista we headed to Barrio Providencia to speak with a current junior at La Universidad Católica, Javiera Santos, who helped organize and carry out one of the Tomas; a student occupation of the university to demand the administration improve student life in various ways last April. She read a little to us from the list of demands one of which was a school psychologist on their campus. Javiera’s story about the occupation was amazing, it was great to hear about it first hand. These student activists have done so much organizing! It is completely inspiring. It was a lovely and relevant juxtaposition to the older documents containing similar goals/demands that Antonella had pulled out for us in the Archives earlier.

Our fourth and final interview of the day was with Gilda Luongo whose warmth and wisdom was overflowing. She ended up being one of our longest interviews thus far and I’m sure we could have talked to her for hours more.

It was a long but fruitful day. Two more days of shooting to go before we take a well earned break and then I’ll start to go through all the footage we’ve got and start figuring out how to transcribe/translate it all for use in our class!