Pre-Production -- July 19

After two weeks in Brooklyn meeting with both Bernadita and Evan, the shoot is starting to take shape.

We have a more finite visual story structure in mind that will include following a college student or recent grad who has been involved in the student movement and protests as well as an older woman who has ties to the feminist collectives. We hope that this will provide an easy visual avenue through which to explore the following questions:

1.     Is there a relationship now between the student movement and the feminist wave?

2.     What is the role of former militants in the student movement?

3.     What are the tensions and what is the relationship between the older feminists from the 80s and the current college students?

Our first week in Chile will consist of as many interviews with as wide a range of subjects as we can manage from all different groups, collectives, universities and identities. We’ll be moving quickly to make sure we get time with everyone that we can. Unfortunately it’s rather difficult to nail down a full interview shoot schedule in advance as the prevailing attitude about planning in Chile tends to be “call me when you get here and we’ll make a plan!” Luckily we have a list of 27 potential interviewees, many of whom have already agreed to talk to us so we’ll have plenty to do when we arrive. We’ll then be able to spend most of the second week following a few subjects more closely and deepening our inquiry while building an emotional connection with them.

Meanwhile, Evan is whittling down our gear to the most useful things we can bring within our checked bags limit. No small feat. We’ll be using a mixture of Evan’s own personal equipment he has graciously agreed to loan to the project as well as Kenyon equipment. We’ll be shooting the film on a Black Magic Ursa Mini and a Black Magic Pocket Cinema.

BM Ursa.jpg